Enabling Medical Device Vendors to Create Regulated Remote Medical Care Solutions in a Snap!

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In March 2020, following the COVID-19 outbreak, the FDA defined a new policy to accelerate the availability of remote patient monitoring devices: “Modified use of remote patient monitoring devices may increase access to patient physiological data without the need for in-clinic visits…"

bio-T's vision is to have every medical device connected so remote patient care, which is especially critical in pandemic times, would be available for all human beings. There is a critical need to upgrade tens of thousands of medical devices to support remote care, now.

The Internet of Medical Things (devices) industry, is key for the upcoming remote patient care revolution proven to be critical in pandemic times, and already is growing massively and exponentially. The value to the ecosystem is huge, from reducing the cost of treatment, improving adherence management and early prediction, and reducing hospital load. However, we discovered that medical device companies are facing gaps when it comes to creating the data collection system that accompanies the device. It is a lengthy and risky process. For example, failing to comply with the HIPAA privacy law, may lead to jail imprisonment for senior management. That's why vendors, including behemoths like Medtronic, seek external proven solutions.

bio T™ is providing a cloud software for regulated medical device companies enabling them to upgrade any standalone device to a remote care solution in a snap! With features like adherence prediction, efficacy metering, and reimbursement management the patent-pending bio-T Engine™ is a one stop shop for manufactures, supporting all the dataway: from device connectivity, security and privacy, to patient interaction and behavior analysis.

The values to vendors are short time to market, assurance of cyber & regulation risks, and more patient outcome features than what they would've done in-house.

Unlike the competitors in the market, bio-T is uniquely architected to allow retaining both manufacturer ownership over the data, and solution-design flexibility via code injection. This is especially important for the emerging generation of slim devices sending raw data that requires running custom algorithms in the cloud to extract insights. Furthermore, bio-T signs HIPAA's Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and GDPR's Data Processing Agreement (DPA), thereby offloading the cyber and privacy risks from the vendors onto bio-T.

The bio-T platform not only help to enable remote care, but also giving solution to the “medication non-adherence” phenomenon which lead to 125,000 preventable deaths each year, and about $300 billion in avoidable healthcare costs, According to The National Council on Patient Information & Education. The bio-T engine uses machine learning to provide adherence prediction. The engine collects information such as devices' operational and error logs, patient’s utilization, location, etc. By using Supervised Learning, the engine finds correlations and root causes of why the person did not adhere in the past, enabling it to predict the future and provide insights to both the patient and caregiver of the desired behavioral change. Once the patient and the physician aware to the adherence status, they can manage the disease better and prevent premature deaths.


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    My vision is to have all medical devices connected so remote patient care, which is especially critical in pandemic times, would be available for every human being.
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