MakerVent Model T

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A ventilator made from off the shelf industrial automation parts, recreating simple all-pneumatic (no electric power required) ventilators that have been in service continuously since the late 70's. This ventilator can be built from a kit with no special tools, and is easy to assemble. It is not subject to the current supply chain shortages of existing ventilators and their component parts.

The design and processes involved in assembling these ventilators are open source, all the information is available on I have applied for a trademark on the name 'MakerVent', however. I will not charge for the use of the name, but my intention is to review any builds that want to use this name, to ensure that they have followed the design, use of materials, and assembly processes specified, before a machine can be called 'MakerVent'. If machines are properly built to spec, then all the testing and authorizations that MakerVent machines have accumulated, will apply. All machines called 'MakerVent' should be equivalent in terms of functional performance and safety of use.

The problem that I aim to solve, is not "How quickly can we build and deploy 10,000 machines", but rather, "How can any individual or institution, get ONE, now ?". I will build and sell machines, yes, but I can imagine hospitals and healthcare organizations buying materials or kits, and building their own, and not having to be dependent on big companies or various levels of government to get them what they need.

This ventilator is very basic, and does not have all the most advanced features and modes of operation, as many of the latest commercial products from medical technology companies. But it is nearly identical in operation to several basic ventilators on the market now, and may fulfill a need for simple, reliable, durable, AVAILABLE ventilators in instances of short supply.



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