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The outbreak of the new Sars-CoV-2 virus 2019 posed and still poses new challenges for us. For many, it is the first pandemic they have experienced. To prevent future outbreaks and the impact of viral infections we are developing ComImmunity.

ComImmunity can best be compared to antivirus software – just for your body. In short: viruses are detected and eliminated. The whole system consists of three main components: A hardware device, a database and a heatmap. Integrated into the hardware device a nanobot would serve as our little helper.

The hardware device resembles a diabetes sensor, e.g. FreeLibre. The user can remove it at any time, thus maintaining self-determination. But it also offers the possibility of easier servicing.

Our device has a hollow needle that ends in a circular case. This case houses the technology of our system. It consists of three ‘micro-laboratories’ for virus analysation, antibody-analysation and B cell modification. For analyzing the samples we would use a small-scaled Transmission electron microscope (TEM). The B cells get modified by CRISPR.

The cannula has a junction at the end of the device which allows direct access to the respective laboratories via the contacts for the junctions. At the other end of the needle are biosensors for the detection of a virus outbreak. The cannula also serves as a transport lock for the nanobot.

The nanobot would be equipped with a gripper arm and pipette for collecting and storing samples. If a change in the vital parameters is detected the nanobot is sent out to find the virus hotspot. He then collects virus samples and drives back to the device, where the samples are examined down to the molecular structure. Meanwhile, the nanobot drives out again to search for an immune reaction. If he finds one, he takes antibody samples which are also examined and stored in the database. If he doesn’t find any, he collects B-cells instead. With information from the database, the B-cells get modified to produce suiting antibodies for the detected virus. By using this method the virus will be eliminated naturally.

The database is a special kind of network database. This is how disease information and suitable antibody composition can be well stored, found and provided to the patients.
Furthermore, the data can be used to trace epidemics or outbreaks of diseases in the heatmap.

To gain all information about the system, the user can get access to the ComImmunity-App. It shows the treatment status, local viral infections and outbreaks. It allows the user to take action if necessary.

Compared to other therapies ComImmunity would not only benefit the patient but also the environment. As the hardware device can be sterilized and reinserted again we diminish the amount of medical waste.

ComImmunity would take the treatment of viral infections to a completely new level. It would be possible to support the immune system and fight the virus without treating the symptoms with medication.



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