Smart Fever Diagnosis Kit

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Due to lots of reason like roadways problems, people in terrain area, small low populated village, they don’t have proper healthcare solution. For that type of people, we provide a solution for them and that will definitely help for them to get correct treatment with doctor diagnosis. It also used army base when doctor is not available.

Included Modules
Our smart Fever Diagnosis Kit comprises several separate modules. They are wireless stethoscope, special suit, IoT enabled module and android application. These are work together to make remote diagnosis. And also, it saves data for future analysis and even do some calculation for displaying to doctor. Because in practical ancestral methodology, it is calculated manually by doctor or technician

Wireless Stethoscope
It is not just a normal stethoscope, but it has only diaphragm side with live recording module that send data to IoT enabled module then that module sent to our mobile application. That heart beat sound is lively watched and hear by doctor on other side who already fix time for that patient to diagnose him/her through that application.

Special Suit
This suit is E-suit which can interact with our application. Doctor has displaying of dummy human body model. When doctor touch any place on that dummy model, same place on that suit glows a light which helps patient by guiding where they need to place stethoscope on body and it also has pulse and temperature detection system for purpose of calculating that parameters on their body and send it doctor.

IoT Enabled Module
This module collects all information from previous device module and do some type filter for purpose of getting only valuable data and avoid errored and noisy data. After filtration it directly sent information to mobile application and through internet connectivity, it will send to doctors’ mobile application.

Android Application
In an individual application, it has information like person’s height, weight, age and some more personal detail like gender and previous medical report. And it only visible to doctor who diagnose and it send and receive action, signal and instruction. After that when doctor prescribed medicine, it generates report with unique ID to avoid fraud activities and when druggist search for that ID in application, it gives verification of that report.

By our smart kid, many people get beneficial and it will be a good and easy solution for getting diagnosis and report directly from doctor. If anyone with active internet and our smart kit, reach doctor directly from home.


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