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KLOP is designed to tackle COVID-19 imaging as well as other micro infectious disease. Our software prototype provides three (3) major services which are imaging, diagnosis and Diagnosis Result Interpretation which is indicated as percentage confidence feature. KLOP is built solely on react and powered by deep learning which embeds in it the ability to perform the listed services discretely and also with high accuracy and precision. A major advantage of KLOP is its ability to produce accurate and precise result within an extremely short time frame which in turn helps to save time and reduce cost of image transporting for the purpose of imaging and diagnosis.

With the evolution of our solution a distinct imaging and diagnosis is guaranteed.

Processes involved in using our software is very simple and self explained as the team tried all possible best to ensure that our software interface is kept simple and friendly to interact with. Reason being that we intend to give our user a good experience round our software hence navigation and implementation is kept very simple. The pandemic has lead the world to a current state of crisis. It has also adjust timeline of event in some regions. Now we have been faced with the challenge of creating solutions that would help reduce the severity, serve as an aid in terms of preventive measure and also a means of control.

The benefit of our solution is that it is a non-invasive method for detecting COVID-19 and other micro infectious diseases such as bacterial pneumonia and viral pneumonia. Our software which is powered by AI has been trained using Azure cognitive service . 600 images of bacterial pneumonia, viral Pneumonia, COVID-19 and normal conditions where used independently to train our software such that now our software clearly distinguishes between all four (4) .

It is also of great note that our software does not only analyse the images but performs analyses and also interprets the results indicating the severity of the case in terms of percentage ( % ) confidence. When a patient has been examined using X-ray or ct scan, the image is simply fed in to our software which then analyses , diagnose, and interpret the result. All this even are done with a very short time frame. Our Software helps to control COVID-19 spread. When scan or X-ray are tests are performed and the image diagnosed immediately, a situation where the patient is COVID-19 positive, he can be quarantined immediately . Hence the spread is limited. Unlike a case where the patient will have to go out, spread the virus and come back to obtain diagnosis result simply because there was no imaging machine. So, in a case as the former, our software has helped to contain and limit the spread of COVID-19 .

In addition, our software is very accurate and precise owing to the fact that it improves based on experience and finds it easier after each operation clearly image, diagnose and interpret results comprehensively.


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    Flourish Abbey
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    Obenobe Jones
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