Smart App Based Health Diagnostics Pod Stations

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Smart Personalized IoT based Contact less Rapid Health Diagnostics Pods with App Based Reservation with Virtual Monitoring by Health Care Professionals for Pandemic Control. The power demand is met by solar powered batteries.

The outer structure of the pod is built by recycled plastic with a sensor door made of fiber operated by QR provided to the App. Time slot for each person is 10 minutes. Only one person is allowed at a time. A sensor-controlled tap dispenses sanitizer for the person at entry. The thermal camera will record the temperature. A checklist is followed with an automated sequence for diagnostics.

If swab/fluid from the person needs to be taken for testing, clean swab can be picked up from the container operated by step. The person follows the instruction and collects the swab and places the sample at the conveyor belt. Further if required the applicant can ask for virtual conference with health care professional for any assistance by using the App feature.

The 3-minute window is used to sterilize the pod using wall and floor sprays controlled via sensors with disinfectant stored in the tank above the pod and by exhausting the air from inside to outer atmosphere by high speed exhaust fans at high pressure. The insides of the pod are fitted with tubes to allow the disinfectant to flow from the tank by the action of sensor at specific time interval.

The next person in the queue can continue with the diagnostics. The app-based slot is allotted to each user based on availability and the user is in control of the schedule.

Benefits of the Method: Quick and efficient testing with the help of automation that can help save human effort and increase efficiency. Convenient for the person that wants to get tested.

Further Uses: The diagnostics stations can minimize human interaction wherever necessary in such high containment zones.

Quick Process Flow:

  • App based registration of time-slot.
  • Obtain QR code and the schedule is updated.
  • Reach the pod at allotted time and swipe the QR to enter.
  • Get your hands sanitized by the automatic dispenser.
  • The temperature is checked by IR reading.
  • The instructions are standardized and the user has to complete the checklist.
  • Get the swab sample as per instruction and place the swab at designated area within the pod.
  • For any assistance, contact the Medical Personnel via Video Conference through the App Feature.
  • Finish the diagnosis and exit the pod.
  • The pod is allowed to disinfect after each diagnosis.
  • The next person in the queue enters with the appointment via QR.


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