Novel High Voltage Electrostatics Corona Ions Discharge Related to Disinfection of Virus (i.e. Covid 19 & HIV/AIDS)

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It was shown by medical researchers that harmful biological matters such as infected blood with HIV/Aids virus can be treated or reduced or disinfected by exposing the matters to high voltage electrical fields. The existing methods involve the direct insertion of the electrodes into the bloodstream that tends to suppress the influence of the electrical fields on the virus and minimize the electrical enhancements. Also, because the suppression effect generates low electrical fields, then it becomes very difficult to make meaningful correlation between the effect of the electrical fields on the virus behavior (disinfection). Hamade constructed a novel method (intrusive and none-intrusive) to solve this critical problem. He created a prototype that generates high voltage electrostatics and corona discharge (glow like spark plug glow) simultaneously that can be used to bombard any biological matter including infected blood with HIV/AIDS and Covid 19 virus. The novel method can induce high voltage charge and corona discharge that is much more powerful than existing methods used by medical researchers. The new method can be controlled to optimize the application of the electrical fields and on top of that introduce corona glow that can be mixed with the infectious biological matters without suppressing the influence of the high voltage electrostatics application. I believe now the medical researchers such as CDC and WHO can attempt to employ my method to test and verify the medical applications to contain harmful virus such as the Covid19 (saving lives) without having to damage the non-harmful components of the biological matters such as the normal white and red blood cells.

My novel charger may be used to eliminate harmful virus from blood streams by sampling the blood of infected person directly into the charger and then treated blood can be returned to patient in a similar fashion to the blood kidney dialysis machine. Further work will be needed from the medical researchers to retrofit my charger in such a proposed application. The method may be also used to speedup production of immunization samples if manufacturing requires dead virus, by disinfecting harmful virus using my method. It was shown before that the application of high voltage electrostatics and corona discharge is less potent than disinfection chemicals and radiation. The novel part is that the corona discharge can be controlled to a level for medical researchers to find the optimum (best) application of the electrical fields to eliminate the virus.

Hamade is a professor of engineering and science (Ph.D. Chemical engineering) and expert multidisciplinary researcher. He had many inventions and publications on the application of high voltage electrostatics to air filtration, automobile catalytic converters, and electret media. But he is not a medical researcher and he never tried his novel method in the medical field. The prototype is very easy to manufacture and replace after treating infectious biological matters. It can be built for less than $25. High voltage power supply should be provided in addition to adapting the novel method for medical treatment (similar to the dialysis machine).


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    Thomas Hamade
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    Urgent use to save life and reduce coronavirus Covid 19 casualties. Most infectious disease medical experts are not engineers and they need my help. I engineered a novel method that may help infected people recover and save life but I am not a medical expert so I need their help to immediately try my novel method.
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