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Stemming from the lack of facilities during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in our country, we aimed to design a ventilator that’s easy and cheap to setup, easy to maintain, and can support as many people as possible. We, as a team, took this initiative back in May, when we first designed it using a manual hand driven system. Developing from that, MechaVen is a dual AMBU bag support system, run by a low rpm motor. A speed regulator has been attached as a means of controlling the rate. Apart from the main scotch yoke mechanism, all other parts are widely available. While we had initially sought 3D printing facilities, we ulmiateky went with stainless steel, given the lack of facilities at the moment. We are currently working on reducing its weight and adding details like a sound damping cover. We intend to distribute it to hospitals in remote villages and healthcare centres, where access to high flow oxygen, even in dire need, is rare to obtain, once the proper tests are done and it is certified.


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    Sarah Ferdousi
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    Md. Fazlur Rahman
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