UltiMate EZwear - The Ultimate Underwear for Diabetics

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The problem that diabetics and persons with urinary incontinence suffer:

Anyone with diabetes or urinary incontinence knows how terrible and embarrassing it is to have to go to the bathroom multiple times due to uncontrollable urination. Millions of diabetics suffer this everyday while they are at workplace, school or any public place.

Most of people doesn’t know that a diabetic person has to go to the bathroom many times due to the illness and that cannot be controlled.

It is embarrassing to go to the bathroom frequently when one is available but what happens when the diabetic is in the middle of the traffic? When there is no public restroom near? If the people are driving, that urgency can cause an accident that can affect many lives. Besides, no one wants to pee their clothes or the vehicle. That is the harsh truth of a diabetic every day.

People suffering from urinary incontinence are forced to wear disposable diapers, etc. They spend a lot of money each year.

Currently there are several items on the market that allow people to urinate without having to go to the bathroom, but they are not confortable enough, are small, the person needs to be hide, or must remove the device to drain it. Too much work for something easy.

UltiMate EZwear™ The ultimate underwear for diabetics™

Our proposal is based on the manufacture of a piece of underwear (form men and women) that has a hole in the genital area. The edge of the front hole has several buttons fasteners that serve to hold the rubber device that will be in contact with the genitals. In the case of men it has a rubber piece that stretches and shrinks depending on the user's needs.

At the end of the rubber tube it has a non-return valve that prevents urine from escaping in case the person accidentally lies down. The container runs down the leg from the thigh to below the knee, and is held in the place by adjustable strips. The bottom of the container is triangular to prevent accumulation of urine at the bottom.

The bag has an exhaust hose with a clip and a cap. This hose serves to drain the urine, when it is necessary. All the user have to do is unlock the hose from the clip, keeping it bent while removing the cap. Direct the hose into a toilet and unfold the hose to allows the exit of all the liquid. Once emptied, the cap is placed again, the hose locks on the clip and the bag will be ready to be used again.

It is recommended to wash all the pieces every day to avoid that the UltiMate EZwear™ The ultimate underwear for diabetics™ deteriorates or produces bad odors.

This product can be sold in sets of 6 boxes or panties, with each urine container.


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