Mo – Wheelchair Combination

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Requirements for the Mo
The Mo was designed specifically as a lightweight yet sturdy solution to give people with a disability “Mo”-re enhanced ability to access area’s they have not been able to previously.

Mo is designed for up so that a person can take the chair on trips to a more diverse set of locations by increasing their ability to go over wet. muddy or rough surfaces and generally off pre-made and dedicated paths for wheelchairs without causing undue stress on the physical environment or the person using the chair.

Device Functions
The function of the Avatar is to:

  • Carry an adult with lower limb/body disability
  • Be able to be disassembled or folded quickly to a size easy enough to transport
  • Have an add on powered function to be able to assist the user over terrain not usually able to be accessed under their own power
  • Minimise impact on physical environment and the people in it

The value offerings generally in the marketplace at the moment have their design roots directly back to the early 1900’s when tube alloy was able to be bent to shape on assembly lines with no substantial improvement since. The Mo, is a quantum leap to having the ability to be able to be produced in any number of locations due to being 3D printed and the combination of its features.

The Mo vehicle combines the best features available on the market and starts with a familiar design for users so as not to threaten their perception or current motor skills with a chair and also to add the flexibility of new materials, ways to fold and transport the chair, also to be able to add the powered module to assist the person undertake activities they have not been previously able to.

The design, incorporating existing technologies, makes this ready for development and brought to market now. Although this is a new take on a wheelchair design it is still just a combination of the most modern supply line accessories such as run flat tire designs, electric motors and control units.

The demand for transportation is solid and increasing it seems due to increased healthcare and people living longer so there will be a demand for more and more new products for some time in the wheelchair market.

The Mo represents the ability to have the user undertake new and previously unexplored activities in such a way that the user isn’t placed under any new stresses and the use of electric motors allows the facilitation of longer and more diverse outings, bringing more enjoyment to the experience.

  • Awards

  • 2021 Manufacturing/Robotics/Automation Honorable Mention
  • 2021 Top 100 Entries


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