The Hybrid CoAxial Engine is an advanced development of the previous entry from 2015 that provides further improvements of the design of the CoAxial Engine. The design presents an integration between the CoAxial Engine and an electrical machine. Presently,

Science and technology are rapidly evolving, creating a daunting entrance barrier in the face of young students. Frequently, K-5 teachers are ill-equipped and uncomfortable in teaching STEM subjects. Coupled with this, many children grow up in families where their parents have an aversion towards STEM,


Screening and Lab analysis are performed at Lab with an expensive equipment, (Maintenance, periodic calibration, difficult to operate)

Samples are manually tagged, analyzed by a health care professional, and results are entered manually (Lack of digitization Risk of human errors).


Blade fatigue, due to cavitation in rocket engine turbopumps, often triggers catastrophic system failures, costing backers of space missions, launch vehicle operators and their customers millions of dollars every year.

Why not build a truly non-invasive blood glucose meter out of a short-wave infrared (SWIR) reflectance spectrometer, and use the changes in skin spectra it measures due to the cardiac pulse cycle to produce interference free blood spectra for analysis?

The advancements made in the fields of technology and automobiles has led many drivers to believe they are auditioning for the next Fast and Furious movie.

Each year, 90 Americans are killed in lawn mowing accidents. Countless more are injured, and the average homeowner will spend 1% of their life mowing their lawn. With technological advances in GNSS positioning, sensor fusion, and obstacle avoidance and detection, autonomous lawn mowers are now a real possibility.

We propose an alternative heatshield design for SpaceX’s Starship.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, members of all industries had to start working from home - for some, the lack of a commute and flexible hours felt like a great improvement; for others, the zoom fatigue and isolation made it difficult to focus. Regardless of the experience, it’

This is the idea: a new concept of the suspension system in commercial vehicles, to eliminate basic components and have major control.

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