The Ring

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The Ring
An optimized spaceship for the 21st century

Up to now spaceships were conditioned by missile shapes, with multistage launchers and relatively small payload capability conditioned by the cylindrical fairing dimensions. Such conditions could be drastically changed by a proposed new vehicle with a different shape: the ring.

As defined by its name the vehicle is a ring shaped proposed standard cargo and pax transfer system defined by two integrated components:

  • a space tug transporter / lander
  • a modular container

The system would transfer entire containers between spacecraft in space or between space and ground stations on Earth, the Moon, Mars or asteroids in a minimum time and risk free conditions, for cargo, crew even entire habitats.

The main components of the system are: The lander
A ring shaped vehicle to allow the positioning of the container inside the vehicle. This spacecraft will contain the engines, the fuel, the navigation and communication systems, the foldable landing gear, landing pads and any equipment for autonomous, safe navigation.


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