Multistage Combustor

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In order for a jet engine to become multistage it must have a multistage afterburner or a multistage combustor. In order for a combustor to become multistage it must actually operate through the combination of uninterrupted and pulsating combustion. Uninterrupted combustion in stage 1 and pulsating combustion in higher stages through pulsating fuel feed. One advantage of a multistage combustor is the amplification of velocity of combusted gases. For example, if the velocity of combusted gases at stage one or 1 is 5 km/sec then the velocity of combusted gases per stage are amplified with that speed. Stage 2 becomes 10 km/sec, stage 3 becomes 15 km/sec, stage 4 becomes 20 km/sec, stage 5 becomes 25 km/sec, and so on. Adding more stages will further increase the velocity of combusted gases without limit of stages. In order to achieve this, however, all fuels must combust together. I have not made a prototype yet but this is what the physics of science says so I have to share it.

With this technique all types of airplanes, rockets, spaceships, flying jet cars, etc. will fly or move faster using the same amount of fuel. A combustor technology for next generation jet engine.

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