Next Generation Gas Turbine

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This is a concept for a new type of gas turbine engine that was designed for turbo electric power generation for hybrid aircraft, ie commercial airliners. The main idea was to reduce the cost, complexity and maintenance requirements of traditional gas turbine engine while drastically improving fuel efficiency and emissions reduction. The innovative approach here is that this gas turbine is comprised of only 2 moving parts, the engine shaft and power output shaft. The star component is the "turbocombustor." It combines a combustor, fuel injection, and turbine into a single component. Current gas turbine operation is outdated, using too much fuel for the given amount of power produced. Most combustion gases bleed past the turbine blades and do not effectively produce power. The turbocombustor was designed to be a direct reaction turbine similar to hydro electric turbines.

The small scale design of the components allow for them to be manufactured by 3D printing technologies. Initial unit costs are further reduced due to the very nature of the design. This type of engine was primarily designed to be run on ethanol fuel. Ethanol is a carbon neutral fuel and is relatively cheap compared to Jet A kerosene, but of course any fuel would theoretically work. This can be retrofitted to existing aircraft which would save airlines millions in engine overhaul, maintenance and fuel costs over the life of the aircraft. This will also allow for significant noise reduction in urban environments with heavy air traffic. This design is subject to multiple revisions and changes.


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    I've always been an aerospace minded person since I was a child. I've always looked for ways to improve aviation and this is just one of my many great concepts. I truly believe that this concept for a gas turbine can be utilized across the globe to help combat climate change and decrease fuel consumption. There are more to follow.
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