Turbolaser Ion Gun

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a little experiment of how to develop a Star Wars cannon type ion turbo laser. The critical phase of each laser created is the pumping phase, that is the phase that allows the irradiation of photons in phase.

The thrust phase capable of breaking the braking barrier of the ion atmosphere is identical for plasma guns. To overcome the drift of the beam, it is possible to compensate with eight high-power lasers connected to the fire mouth in order to stabilize the beam in a channeled trace. The turbolaser can be converted as an ion engine for hypersonic eighth generation fighters. The ionized gases are passed through two particle accelerators to accelerate and focus the beam by imparting a rotation.

Other data on load capacity and capacity are unknown. 



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    Sebastiano Nipitella
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    those who consider empty space have never studied astrophysics. space outside the earth's atmosphere is saturated with particles, ions and both solar and cosmic radiation. that is, we are sailing in a sea of ​​cosmic energy and we say that space is empty. a counter sense. we put order in the concepts of energy aerospace structures. the era of chemical rockets and almost at the end of the line we open our eyes to the new era.
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