Recovery Enterprise Hi-Tech with Shuttle Explorer

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Hello everyone. I present you a project to recover technologies to be used for aerospace vehicles for land-moon transport and for trips within the solar system. Once we have the technical skills to proceed in space with an autonomous propulsion system we will have more chance of operating in deep space with confidence. The priorities are: 1) electrodynamic shield, 2) converter energy, 3) plasma propulsion set, 4) accumulate plasma to convert into energy.

These technologies will be developed by modifying vehicles such as the US space shuttle or the Soviet Buran. Once integrated into a single vehicle we could make new advances in space exploration.


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    Sebastiano Nipitella
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    tram driver_plasma researcher engine
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    aereomodels, military wepons, costruction protoype
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    those who consider empty space have never studied astrophysics. space outside the earth's atmosphere is saturated with particles, ions and both solar and cosmic radiation. that is, we are sailing in a sea of ​​cosmic energy and we say that space is empty. a counter sense. we put order in the concepts of energy aerospace structures. the era of chemical rockets and almost at the end of the line we open our eyes to the new era.
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