Prevent Flood by Crossing Sea Guard Wall of Sea Wave

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It is seen at the time of a cyclone that the wave of sea is crossing the guard wall and creating a flood. To prevent a flood from this reason the height of the sea guard wall must be increased. But if we do increase the height of the sea guard wall of bricks or concrete permanently, it will create many problems and will be broken any time by strike of strong sea waves, for it's higher.

To avoid these problems I think about of a wall which will be possible to increase it's height, when need and that will be able to tolerate the strike of strong sea wave and will do save from cracking itself and will do save from flood.

To make this system I suggest for some opening able wall part which will be fitted few days ago of upcoming cyclone with the permanent sea guard wall of bricks or concrete. To do fit this wall to be fitted permanently at the out side (sea side) of sea guard wall two strong galvanized iron channel for a part of wall and the distance between two channel will be six feet and it to be fitted from two feet down of the permanent wall. After fitted two channel of one part, the another one channel of next part to be fitted by joining side by side of second channel of previous part.

For this temporary guard wall I suggest for two strong iron sheet of length of six feet and height of eight feet or more( if necessary) for a part of wall. These two sheets to be joined by many strong spring of one foot length and two very strong iron plate of 8feet X 4inch X 3inches to be fitted as stand stick at the out side of end side of one sheet. Then this opening able wall will be fitted by entering the iron stand in to the channel which is permanently fitted with concrete /bricks guard wall one after one.

For it, when the sea wave will do strike on increased wall then the spring will prevent the force of wave and for it wall will be not broken. As the temporary wall get support of concrete wall from two feet down, this wall will be not broken by sea wave or cyclone. As the height of guard wall is increasing for temporary wall, the sea wave will be not able to cross the temporary wall and flood will be not created.


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