Ideal Railing /Guard For 100% Prevention of Cars Falling from a Hilly Road

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Many types of railings/guard rails are shown beside the hilly road but that cannot always save cars from falling from a hilly road. Many times a car has fallen by crossing or braking the guard. But it is not possible to increase the height of the railing by the present system, because for it the guard will be more weak and accidents will be not prevented.

To solve this problem, I have thought about such railing which is so simple but able to prevent 100% incidences of cars falling from a hilly road. Yet it is costly but it is not more than human life.

To make this system we need strong and wider iron to be fitted as pillar at the one foot down of the end side of the road. Every pillar to be fitted by keeping gap four to five :feet. Same process will be done at opposite side, if there have no down (i. e. there is present hill) the pillar of angle to be fitted at road side. Now to be joined an another angle, at the top of two side pillar. If possible at the hill side this overhead joiner may be fitted with the hill directly avoiding the pillar and for this the cost will be less. The canal side (down side) pillars to be joined by strong iron flat plate from bottom to eigth feet height by keeping gap two feet.

The height of this system to be make which is necessary for going of car.

I think that there have not any chance to fall of car from a hilly road.


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