Climate Change: Planetary Orbital Misalignment

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This article will not dispute climate change cause by greenhouse gases, but shed light on a new theory in the cause of raising temperature. Earth rising in temperature is not only causd by greenhouse gases, but also by the Planetary Orbital Misalignment. What is Planetary orbital Misalignment? It is when a planet drift from its equilibrium rotation around the Sun. The equilibrium is the balance between the Sun, and planet gravity pulling on each other, and the planet centripetal force wanting to pull away.

What is the cause of this misalignment? For Earth it started 65 million years ago when an asteroid 6 miles wide collided into the earth with the impact equivalent to one hundred trillion tons of TNT. Another cause can be the thousands of nuclear tests. The world largest bomb was developed in 1961 with a blast powerful than 50 megatons. Even a super volcano eruption can cause this effect by spuing large amount of molten rock into the atmosphere at high rate.

In Newton 3rd Law: Action and Reaction states that, “for every action force there is equal and opposite reaction”. These effects slow Earth rotation and path around the Sun by a tiny amount, but enough to throw it off its orbital equilibrium. This reaction causing the Earth to move closer, and closer to the sun either by kilometer, or by a nanometer per year. The Earth moving closer to the Sun is the reason why the days are getting hotter each year. Eventually the Earth will collide into the Sun.

Planetary Orbital Misalignment is just a theory that I believe is another cause of climate change. To determine if this is fact or fiction, a space origination would collect data to see if there is a change in Earth distance from the Sun either by a kilometer, or nanometer. A small change can grow over time.


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    I question if there is a balance force between planet rotating around the sun, and can a planet be knock off course.
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