Pressure Suit Gloves

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I've developed a set of gloves for future space suits. I'm showing a demonstration video of the early stages of the glove. It works very well and many upgrade have made it even better. I've been working years on making a better and more mobile and lightweight glove for the space suit. This would even be good for the edge of space rides to use a pressure glove for safety. It's made of Rib stop, Teflon and other materials for safety and dexterity. The fingers are adjustable and palm is also. The flange at bottom can be made to fit any disconnects at large.

A TMG is next which I have one but not upgraded to anything outside any aircraft and is mostly just for look which can display any logo etc. etc. The glove does work best without the TMG but that's something I'm working on, but if not going outside the aircraft the restraint is very comfortable and useful if ship loses pressure and you have to inflate fast.

Thank so much for taken the time to read and look at my product and hope you have interest in it. I'm retired and working at home so time is always open an I'm here to help with any changes you may need to make this work for you. So have a great and wonderful year thanks for this chances to show off people's work. I think I'm running out of thing to say about this product. Hope i can make and help your company grow and make the space adventures safe and useful products for a fast turnaround in manufacturing. This glove, once learned can be made in 80 hours depending on hardware for the registrant and 40 to 80 hours for the TMG depending on upgrades. This was kind of a last minute entry for submittal but hope it make it somewhere .Anyone needing a upgraded video at the final updated glove pressurized just let me know and will try to accommodate you



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