Miniature Turbine Jet Engine Design & Manufacturing

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Turbine jet engine designing and manufacturing. I am into aviation industry designing, manufacturing and deployment of UAVs and related products. My customers include engineering students, universities, defense, police and hobby enthusiasts. I started in this field 5 years back with many, many customers. I have a large hobby / drone store in Hyderabad.

My recent project includes design, development and testing of a miniature turbine jet engine. During this development I have learned a lot about the jet engine -- its engineering, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, material strength and fuel types. So far the engine runs well. My next project is to use less fossil fuel and use green fuel which is good for the environment. Secondly I am planning to integrate carbon composite parts. Starting with the jet engine housing, compressor inlet and many more. I want to make jet engines available for students, colleges and universities. Let every engineer know how a jet engine works. Let's introduce practical knowledge along with theoretical. The jet engine I have developed is made locally without importing any parts.

Initially my target is Engineering Students then the govt and then for entertainment like jet packs and jet scooters. Jet packs are the latest which uses such engines. As I have developed this engine myself I believe I can make it more optimal, less fuel consuming and safer.

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    Khaled Bakhtiar
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Jet Engines and its technology. Love to build jet engines at affordable prices to academics and universities. Use green fuel, reduce noise, improve safety. Later use such engines on jet packs and other small aerial vehicles.
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    Fusion 360
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