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Hydrogen powered Airship Concept for Medical and Vaccination Response

Inspired by global issues of having healthcare access, combined with the limitations of current aerial technologies in regards of emissions; the Aeromaric - name of the airship - conceptualize air-travel for medical service. It utilizes 3 independent hybrid electric powertrains with the proven HT-PEM Fuel Cell technology onboard. Wherein methanol is used as hydrogen carrier, while helium is used as lifting gas. Manufacturability details, together with the renewability aspect are taken into considerations during conceptualization.

The airship set-up are designed to be transform into emergency medical hall for vaccination, or other health treatments. Providing all of that brave service, with no harmful emissions on your back, hopefully makes it slightly easier. So, let it be OUR little engineering contribution.

Note, on-board hydrogen is stored in form of liquid methanol.

Looking forward for your replies and critics.



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