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Romax, a single stage suborbital vehicle long distance delivery solution.

Imagine a Reno Air racer flying straight up into the sky with a rocket motor built into it. Now light that candle and you've got an idea as to how and why Romax works.

Romax ascends like a fast rising drone, saving it's solid core rocket motor for use when it's safely and comfortably several thousand feet aloft. This allows Romax to beat any jet cargo in cross country runs, and in intercontinental excursions.

Landing in a manner just like a drone, Romax can easily touch down in industrial and office parks, and can be autonomously sent to a local turn around center for resupply and maintenance.

Romax is semi-automated, in that the take-off and flight are automated, yet the landing can be automated or manually controlled, whether remotely from an onboard visual perspective, or at the landing site. Romax, is your long distance delivery solution.



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    Douglas Shrock
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    Artist and designer
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    I like to find solutions to problems, and enact improvements to existing nomenclature. I am an artist and designer, making sense of what I see is an important part of how I find those solutions.
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