Automatic Paragliding Emergency Parachute

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My idea is an emergency parachute for Paragliders(PG) with a variety of electronic sensors and AI based, data processing CPU which is responsible to recognize dangerous situations automatically in the air and additionally a remote controlled trigger for SIV-Courses and PG school trainings.

It has happened that PG Pilots got disoriented, or unconscious while flying or while performing/experiencing dangerous flight situations and were therefore not able to release the emergency parachute and they crashed and / or died.

It is planned to monitor at least following important values:

  • Flight metrics: Location (GPS/GLONASS), Speed, Airspeed, G-Sensors, AGL Height, barometric Vario for vertical Speed, Compass
  • Personal metrics: Heart rate, blood oxygen SPO2, blood pressure

The Idea is that in case the system detects a dangerous situation the System will generate a visual and acoustic alert. If the alert will be not be reset in for example 5 seconds the emergency chute will deploy on it's own. As it is an AI, all data should be collected and analyzed as the system is in use, frequent updates make sure experiences can be collected and improved.

Resetting is a must, if the AI detects a dangerous situation but in reality there is no such the deployment must be able to be stopped manually. I'm considering to use a two hand button, to prevent a panic reset in a real emergency situation.

As an actuator there must be something without fire and/or chemical hazards, another point to consider is that these energy storing possibilities must be able to be transported in planes without any hazard. I'm considering to use manual pumped pressurized air or CO2 cartridges in a similar principle as potato cannons, with the possibility to evacuate the pressure if the system is not in use. To pressurize the system a similar pump could be used like the one used in bicycle shock absorbers.

Another idea is that these systems must be able to be remotely deployed, this could be useful in safety-, acrobatic- or schooling courses where people can freeze due to scary situations and a second, supervising person could deploy it with a push of a button.

The system must be compatible with most versions of PG Harnesses, that's why the final design is still to evaluate further. I consider to use a CFK housing which contains the pressure reservoir, all the electronics and a cfk pipe which acts as a barrel to shoot out the parachute. The parachute should be shot either backwards or sideward from the flying direction to prevent as much as possible a tangling or twisting with the main canopy if deployed.

The parachute itself could be purchased from an experienced manufacturer. It should be a parachute with directional control, to be able to move away from ridges and cables in an emergency situation.


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    Valentin Biffiger
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    In this particular project it is mainly saving lives.
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