Hidden Gun Defense System

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This concept based on the defense system application for a high profile person or group of people held by kidnappers/terrorists at gunpoint for their demands.

This concept is titled “HIDDEN GUN DEFENSE SYSTEM.”

This system can be used for several types of important buildings such as parliament, secrete service offices, top banks.

In defense operation, many times it becomes difficult to complete mission due to a person/group of people held by kidnappers/ terrorists at gunpoint for their demands. In such a situation, we have to accept the proposal of the terrorist due to an unavoidable situation. Incidenst such as 26/11 in the Taj hotel shall be handled in the future.

The system will be definitely be useful situations such as the highjacking of airplanes by terrorists. It can be accomplished with some advancement & modification of the concept.


It is basically operated by Wi-Fi connection with unique secrete address & code. This code & unique address is only known by a special defense/police unit. They can operate the system within the range of a Wi-Fi device available with the unit. Another advantage of the system is that hacking is not possible due to some conventional operating. An electromagnet button wired to an electric switch which is in the hidden place nearby outside the building (directly connected to outside electric source). This electromagnet adds double safety to the door. If in any case the system is getting hacked then the door still remains closed. Even if both operating sources of the system fail, a rechargeable battery still remains for operating the system. If any case misfiring happens then a thick metal door helps to protect the persons in the room. System is activated only at the time of special operation.

  1. Building is takeover by terrorist & police/army are unable to perform any operation due to person/group of person under their control.
  2. Activate “ Hidden Gun System “ mission by switch “ON” electromagnetic button so door is released ,but not opened due to actuators. Someone from unit has to “ON” hidden switch located near by building premises (Location only knows to special unit)
  3. Connect Wi-Fi from device to the system and take all control of system by special unit.
  4. Now HMI is online connected to the remote laptop. All necessary programs are already install in the system.
  5. First operator has to start the “ Camera”. Camera shall have high resolution, night vision & focused lenses.
  6. Slide camera towards to the hole of steel plate.
    Hole of plate shall be within dia. 0.5 to 2 mm to keep it secrete.
  7. When camera is fully slide towards the hole, partial view of room is visible with the help of focused lens.
  8. After locating enemy from certain co-ordinate hole, fix the target. This gun assembly should be always calibrated with the camera, so that precision achieved while in shooting.
  9. Move the camera away from door, so at a certain distance point target will get.
  10. Locate the target & shoot.
  11. No. of enemies can be targeted with one or more no. of gun system.



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