Rudhra - Astra

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A short-range, portable, and surface to surface missile may have missed striking the target, due to the lack of an auto-guidance system. This would cause more offensive and defensive strikes, which leads to the loss of our soldiers. The solution for the existing problem is to design a radio guided, command line of sight, shoulder fired rocket propelled grenade to destroy the short and medium range target accurately.

With the help of active-matrix liquid crystal display, image display and target selection through the radio guidance system in the soldier helmet would guide the missile to the target.

The key features of the missile are the target tracking system (not available in RPG), command line of sight methodology, radio guidance for medium range target, smart helmet-based guidance avoidance of target missing strike.

Rudhra-Astra is designed with 3 parts: RPG missile, RPG missile launcher and Smart Head Mount Device. When a soldier aims and triggers the RPG missile, the launcher ejects the missile. The uniqueness of Rudhra-Astra is tracking and controlling of the missile. It has a camera for target imaging. The soldier can track and control the missile through a Smart Head Mount Device (SHMD) using radio frequency signal. The SMHD has an active-matrix liquid crystal image display and command line of sight guidance system to track and guide the missile. The RF control signal from the soldier guides the missile by changing the yaw and pitch control to hit the target accurately.



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    Defence System is one of the most important develeopment for our nation. If Auto guidance is fully implemented in MANPADS, the measures outlined above would significantly reduce the number of surplus and poorly secured MANPADS in the global inventory, including missiles that are currently out of reach of existing improvement and destruction programs. These measures would also help to ensure that future generations of MANPADS are properly controlled.
    Rudhra - Astra is Make in India Apporach.
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