Sustainable Manufacturing for Metal Products: Energy as a Sustainability Indicator

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Manufacturing being the main pillar of civilized societies, plays an in important role in establishing a sustainable way ahead. In Pakistan, almost all manufacturing models are founded on an timeworn standard in comparison to the advance world. It is true that the culture and economy affects the technology, tools and related options to build sustainable solutions. However, manufacturing delivers quality of life in the form of goods and services. Taking this into an account and considering its huge consumption of energy, sustainable manufacturing is the most important issue to be address in the sustainable development of Pakistan. Several research studies assured that technology is the one and only individual element that is sufficient towards sustainability. But, experts believes that the technology that exists is enough to follow for next century or more. In regards to this, sustainable manufacturing can be defined as a smart way to use resources for manufacturing to create solution using existing technology.

This research focuses on the energy related consequences on the country’s economy. In such critical situation saving resources and performing work in a sustainable way has huge importance with respect to the economic development and its stability. It is definite that availability of energy will provide good quality of life, stable economy, good governance and overall secure environment for the public of Pakistan. Also, saving energy by sustainable consumption can attract international investors in small manufacturing enterprises. This may provide more chance of employment and more people may came out of poverty. Securing and saving existing energy needs, while, discovering the new sustainable forms of energy is the game changer for the Pakistan economy.

Evidence suggests that due to increased industrialization, the ecological system is being damaged. Global warming, depleting of the ozone layer, scarce natural resources and climate change are all signs of the degradation of our planet. These limitations have resulted in increased expenses and deprived humanity. On the other side, for developing nations to become market leaders, they need to secure a stable economy and progressive growth and this originates in terms of the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing is the main wealth creating sector of any country’s economy and at the same time it is the major sector that consume energy. While metal products manufacturing constitutes a large portion of industrial products it also consumes a huge amount of energy in its manufacturing. Since our societies are powered by energy that mainly depends on extraction and conversion of natural resources there, there is immense pressure on the manufacturing sector to perform their operation in a sustainable way. The words sustainable manufacturing are the combination of two concepts. First, to transform the raw material into the quality value products that satisfies the customers, while the second concepts tells to achieve this by using resources efficiently so as to reduce the negative impact on the ecological system. Hence, the focus of the project is to develop a sustainable manufacturing processes for metal products.


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