Smart and Automatic Waste Segregator

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In India, the most crucial threat that adds up is the striking amount of waste generated every day by human beings. Around 62 million tons of waste are produced each day by 377 million people living in urban India of which 45 million of waste is left untreated and disposed unhygienically causing severe health issues and environmental degradation. The rising population of India poses serious threats with regard to the availability of living space, utilization of natural resources and raw materials, education and employment. But another serious peril that follows is the escalating amount of waste generated each minute. Every city is grappling with the menace of ever increasing waste. An astounding 0.1 million tons of waste is generated each day in our country.

We have fabricated a smart Automatic Waste Segregation system, which can segregate the waste as Metal, Plastic, Organic and deposit them in separate respective containers. It is an affordable, user friendly & highly efficient waste segregation system, which can streamline the waste management process in an effective manner.

In this fabricated system, waste is pushed through a flap into the proposed system. An IR proximity sensor detects this and starts the entire system. Waste then falls on the metal detection system. This system is used to detect metallic waste. After this the object falls into the capacitive sensing module. This module distinguishes between wet and dry waste. After the identification of waste, a circular base which holds containers for dry, wet and metallic waste is rotated. The collapsible flap is lowered once the container corresponding to the type of garbage positioned under it. The waste falls into the container and the flap is raised. The waste in the containers now can be collected separately and sent for further processing. This project helps us a lot in resolving the issue of complex waste segregation by making the entire process automated. It also reduces the occupational hazard & human effort of the workers involved in the waste removal process, simultaneously achieving a healthy & waste ridden environment.


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