Artificial Reasonable Subjective Systems

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Humanity faces numerous problems that it is unable to resolve for many reasons.

One of them, irreversible climate change, which could lead to the disappearance of life on Earth within 100 years due to the rise in air temperature to the boiling point of water.

In my opinion, climate change became irreversible after the rise of soil temperature in high latitudes, which led to thawing of permafrost. The softening of the permafrost, in turn, has led to uncontrolled emissions of methane over a vast area.

The reserves of methane in the permafrost are so great that the release of 1% of this gas, fron accumulated amount, will make the existence of life on planet Earth impossible for the above stated reason.

For mankind it is not possible to find a timly solution for this problem by earthly means.

Resolution of this problem could be found in creation of a solar screen allows regulation and stabilization of the solar energy flux reaching the Earth.

Such a solar screen should evenly shade the entire Earth to prevent its influence on the weather. Shading, sufficient to reduce solar irradiation by 2%, as is currently proposed, can solve the problem of an increase in average temperature, but will lead to a redistribution of currents in air and water with unpredictable consequences.

The dimensions of such a screen could exceed 100,000 x 100,000 km. and it is not possible to build it without the help of reasonable artificial systems capable of creating the necessary production facilities in space, build and maintain that enormous structure.

Currently, many are trying to create artificial intelligence systems for various purposes.

However, there is no known scientific basis for the development of required artificial reasonable systems and its appearance in a fairly short time is extremely unlikely.

The creation of programmable artificial reasonable systems of any kind is not possible due to the limitations inherent in programmable systems.

This could be clearly seen from the history of massive attempts to create fully autonomous vehicles. The creators of this type of vehicle faced insurmountable difficulties and were forced to postpone the creation of fully autonomous vehicles for general use indefinitely.

Unlike programmable systems, artificial subjective systems can be completely autonomous and capable of solving any problems, since their behavior is determined by their own subjective experience, the accumulation of which has no fundamental limitations.

I was able to formulate the concept, which allows creation of such systems, and I hope to find partners to create reasonable artificial systems as a result of this competition of ideas.

Reasonable, subjective artificial systems could find many applications on Earth and in outer space.

They could find application in any spheres of activity, from education and science, to ensuring the possibility of globalization and extaterrestial planetary construction, providing conditions for the settlement of mankind in other Worlds.

Michael Zeldich


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    Thanks to my curiosity, the approach to the development of safe for us artificial reasonable systems was found. Now it is time to develop them for various purposes, from sustainable globalization to preservation of conditions compatible with existence of reasonable life in Universe.
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