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The project we introduced is actually a multitasking RecotaK2510 that can do all types of tasks easily and quickly .This RecotaK2510 design will enable it to go on Mars and the moon also. In this project we installed a solar plate that can charge a battery long lasting and not about die so we can use endlessly. The battery back up of robo is long lasting. The best thing about robo is it is easy to operate and we have to just give a command and it will all activity that we want to do.

There is wheel that can auto switch as per surface condition. If rough surface is coming in robo area so he automatically adjusts his wheel. If in smooth surface in robo area he automatically goes for wheel mode. So that robo can walk easily.

We installed HD camera lens that can capture images and videos. So that we can important picture and videos and information. The robo is foldable so it can adjust in any space easy to carry. We installed drone on beneath the robo so if any critical situation happen so he fly from that critical situation.



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    Kiran Nikwade
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    Inspiration Person: Leonardo Da Vinci
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