Robots for All

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Are you aiming to sterilize and clean your home, company, mall, office, or restaurant every single hour without closing or get any expensive sterilizer-detergent and you want to attract a new consumer to your business by making health precautions due to Covid-19? Do you want to have robots that can clean the floor automatically? Do you want to share in something big that will be the future of tomorrow? We offer that and more; we make shopping a journey to future. We hope to get your vote in order to enter tomorrow.


(Robots for all) start-up provide a lot of hi tech products like sterilize robots- vacuum cleaning robots---robotic mall carriage – mobile charger mall carriage –adult and children robotic bag – mobile charger bags.


Our company aiming to be one of the biggest companies in the Middle East in robotics and artificial intelligence using the period of Coronavirus to sell our sterilizing robot and vacuum cleaning robot. Currently we are still a start-up and we have the technical information and design but we didn't launch yet.


Our company will need an initial operating expense upon its actual operations. Start-up requirements and initial start-up costs are the primary needs to be fulfilled by investor contribution.

Exit Strategy

Last year, the Coronavirus made many lose money especially restaurants- mall – airlines which we depend on to spread support by their well to regain customers. So the investors can expect as much as a 50% return of investment after the second fiscal year.


The target audience for (Robots for all) is everyone as it gives variety for end users so our target audience verify from large mall owners - airports – large companies – restaurants to ordinary houses.

Future of the Company

Robots are a fast-paced, evolving industry. In response to this climate, (Robots for all) will offer other products, including toys- smart homes app -small bag –wallet and women's bag also products for the disabled with high tech features and reasonable prices.


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    Moamen Hussein
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    during crona virus many people lost thier jop and many business affected .disabled and old people affected most so i try to evalute something to help.
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