Automated Self-propelled Water Trash and Oil Skimmer

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A fully automated river/gutter cleaning mechanism has been developed to tackle modern day gutter jamming issues and to purge water bodies. It uses an automated trash and oil skimmer cleaning system that filters the fluid (typically water) by allowing it to flow through the skimmer but captures large solid waste like bottles & plastic, oil and collects them into its storage chamber. This system is a potent and an effective way to cleaning gutters, drainage systems & rivers by utilizing minimal power. The operation of water cleaning has been automated with help of motors and belt drive arrangement. It uses a wireless high RF transmitter and receiver to control the cleaning machine via a mobile application.


The device floats in the water body whether it is a pond/lake/river or a drainage pipeline. The device is to be put in the water body manually like a boat, then after it does its work on its own. With the help of camera, its path can be monitored. And after getting its storage full, it comes back to its launch point from where it should be taken out of water body, manually. System uses an automated trash skimmer cleaning system that make the fluid clean and let it flow through skimmer but catches large solid waste like bottles & plastic and accumulates it.

  • It consists of metal teeth-based jaws that are attached to the conveyor belt mechanism. These claws help to pick up the waste from water.
  • This mechanism uses four rotating oleophilic discs to pick up the floating oil from the water.
  • This system uses an air propulsion system as use din hover boats. Two propellers are mounted on the side walls which themselves rests on internal columns. And they are covered by converging casing.
  • This device uses IOT technology to receives commands from the operator by a mobile application available on android and iOS platforms. Subsystems are controlled by an app called “Blynk” using internet connectivity. So, no one needs to enter into the pipeline physically, just put the boat into it, and control it sitting anywhere regardless of the distance.


  • Drainage pipelines Underground tanks
  • Industrial use Parking lots
  • Ponds, lakes and basins Coolant systems

Innovative Aspects

  1. Dual purpose: Can be used in drainage, sewage pipelines, closed and less spacious environments. Moreover, the model can work in large water bodies also such as lakes, rivers, etc.
  2. Fully automatic: Equipped with camera and navigation control. No need for an operator/driver (which is there in similar patents) to operate the system by physically sitting in the boat. Our invention uses iOT technology which enables the operator to control the device using Wi-Fi.
  3. Oil skimmer uses discs and scrapper system, instead of belt. Number of discs and scraper pipes can be increased as per the amount of oil to be removed.
  4. Combination of oil skimmer and water trash cleaner is used in a single floating system.
  5. Air propelled boat system.


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