Smart Plow

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The "Smart Plow" is the Snow Plow robotic Machine that attaches to the standard front mounting plate of the Cities' / Municipalities' Trucks.

It operates in the way that removes the snow from the street and deposits it selectively to the side of the street.

The snow will not be deposited at the entrance of any driveway, bus stop , intersection, parking lot entrance/exit and at any designated area that should be free of snow, along the route.

This is being achieved at 35 mph (maximum legal speed), and the internal articulation and controls are commanded by the GPS signal, backed up by multi-functional and safety systems (RF, Laser, IR, Visual cameras, directional audio...).

The main purpose of this is to resolve the existing problem of blocking the "Side-Windows" as mentioned above.

This device will reduce emissions (one vehicle doing rapid job of 2 vehicle). It saves 30%-50% of operating cost, will reduce snow - cleaning time significantly, eliminate citizen's complaints and lawsuits, will eliminate health issues related to elderlies trying to clear the driveway entrance multiple times, will eliminate the cause of employees being late for work, as well as not being able to return to their driveways after work, etc.



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    Mike Andic
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    There is an existing problem that is plaguing the City and municipal Governments, causing the excessive hardship for the Cities during the Snow-cleaning season.
    Driveway (and other) Entrances blocking is the last unresolved issue. Eliminating of this problem would improve the Snow cleaning significantly, as explained earlier.

    Many Cities I spoke to, are enthusiastic about this System, and are "ready to purchase it as soon as it become available".
    Needless to say this Market segment alone is compelling.
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    NX (Siemens)
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