A Warp Drive Motor

In comparison to 2020, entry speed controlled bidirectional mechanical traction is applied on B1 and B2 of modified inclined plane to keep A1 and A2 at 45°automated by motorised screw and bolt, spur gear to prevent inward rotation of inclined plane along D2 due to increased weight on A1 and A2 but still permit outward rotation of incline plane along D1 due to spring tension as in figure 1 around pivot on box RB with car frame that slide on wheels to transmit forces between machine on subsequent compartment above to integrate increased number of machine units in a decreased area of space. The system would enable a person resting on a solid plane horizontal surface oriented either parallel or perpendicular to the direction of gravity with weight transferred to distended spring at the end as required and feel like falling in the same relative space without recoil from the supporting surface for use as time control technology.

4 or more sets of machine units on 4 or more sets of mounting frames held under condition of active balance by crank and slider/piston crank slider by interconnected spur gears/modified hydraulics controlled manually or with geared motor by passengers in the cabin in one of the mounting frame. The other mounting frames instead of cabin for passengers would have big, powerful ducted fan, rechargeable battery such that the weight of persons ,ducted fan along with it's thrust, rechargeable battery contributes to propulsive and centrifugal force related active balance against gravity and the passengers in the cabin feeling like moving in a straight line but relatively in a curved path in relation to an external observer with additional balance provided by wheel with motorised jack M1, M2, gyroscopic effect of increased balanced and rotating cylinder HM and spokes SA and SA to prevent imbalance on movement of the persons.

TB1 project outside of airtight enclosure T to provide rotating anchor on long flexible tube TF for helicopter propellers such that increase in speed is associated with a decrease in total mass energy of the system with reduce need for energy to propel the frame of the machine by conventional supersonic vehicle in outer space or even on ground on an uneven surface keeping the mounting frames in active balance under modified gyroscopic control with increased degree of freedom in relation to gravity.

A ready-made geared turbine is fitted on TB2 as in figure 4 to generate power from the loss in time due to motion in free space and in turn stored in the rechargeable batteries. 5)The ascent of the helicopter with acceleration tends to be counterbalanced by increased speed of the mounting frames propelled by speed controlled ducted fan whose thrust and weight tend to sink in the same relative space maintaining motorised traction on B1 and B2 of modified incline plane units monitored by video camera.


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    Gautam Narayan Baruah
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