Metabolic Tower

Metabolic towers are unmanned facilities located in in an urban environment . Their functions are as follows:

  • Collect differentiated waste (paper, glasss, plastic, metal, other) for processing and recycling
  • Collect organic wastes for incineration process to generate energy
  • Collect sanitary water from neighbouring buildings for decontamination, and reutilization in agricultural activities on place
  • Transform organic sanitary solid wastes in fertilizers for agricultural utilization
  • Utilize recycled materials for the manufacturing (through 3D printing and other technologies) of needed products
  • Recycle water for hydroponic vertical gardens for urban food production
  • Recycle water for conventional agricultural cultivations
  • Create hydroponic vertical gardens for plant cultivation
  • Create multilayered urban 3D facilities for conventional cultivation
  • Totally self-sufficient from the power generation point of view by utilizing locally green processes and renewable sources
  • Processing local agricultural cultivations for food production
  • Creation of thousands of new jobs while promoting urban agriculture
  • Urban air decontamination and purification through artificial rain facilities

While metabolic towers will be the main facilities for the new urban activities, also residential and multifunctional buildings may share similar facilities and equipment like hydroponic gardens, water and air decontamination systems, independent power generation, etc. to promote an entirely new look and functions to the traditional city.


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