Schroeder 2030 Initiative

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As more and more organizations aim to be Zero-Net-Carbon (ZNC) by 2030, we wanted to share what we have found successful and reiterate the praises we have been singing since 1946 - the power of a clean fossil fuel.

In 2018, industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions—from direct or indirect consumption of fossil fuels--accounted for approximately one quarter of the total emissions produced in the United States, or approximately 1.47 billion metric tons—the equivalent weight of 980 million compact vehicles, 28.1 thousand of the RMS Titanic, or 4,440 Empire State Buildings [2-EPA].

ZNC may seem like an almost impossible goal to achieve, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves in our 75 years of experience. As an American Manufacturer to some of the most versatile ‘green material’, it is our goal to spread the word and share the technology proven to support ZNC initiatives for 2030 and beyond.

Introducing the Schroeder Industries’ 2030 Initiative.

The purpose of the Schroeder Industries’ 2030 Initiative is to share data-proven solutions organizations can also take to best support their energy savings (ES) and sustainability deadline.

As a filtration manufacturer and engineering firm, we have always lived by the idea that clean oil makes all the difference. Prolonging the life of any given mineral oil or fossil fuel eliminates climate killing practices by:

  • Reducing oil disposal
  • Running clean emissions
  • Providing clean energy
    And so much more!

Each of our product groups offer at least one product or service that helps the pioneers of the future retrofit existing operations with the planet in mind.



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