Retrofitting Old Bicycles into Electric Bikes for Rental Services

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Research we conducted in the city identified that most petrol and diesel based vehicles are used for shorter distance travel. Automobiles running on petrol and diesel vehicles contribute more than 70% of the world's overall pollution. The scarcity of these non-renewable sources of energy led to an increase in petrol and diesel prices and, as a result, the vehicles running on them. The increase in price has affected the organizations and working class who are moving for their daily jobs. Overall, this has affected all the working and non-working classes people.

Problems pointed out include the excessive use of these vehicles for shorter distance travel, which led to an Increase in pollution levels inside the cities. Apart from this, the vehicles create a lot of traffic inside the cities. There is a second option required which should replace these vehicles at the city level.

Our immediate solution to the identified problem is the use of an alternative source of energy. We Identified an electric bike with a two-person sitting capacity, and solar powered charging stations will help us tackle all the problems. The implementation of electric powered bicycles can be an excellent replacement for 2-wheelers and 4-wheel vehicles. Each electric bike can carry two people at a time, hence, reducing the traffic inside the cities. Moreover, the innovation is very cost-effective compared to the petrol and diesel-based vehicles charging less than 0.5 Rs. Per Km as compared to 7 Rs. Per Km for petrol.

Our product offers a ride of two persons on a single bike for the price of one. Hence, this will end the problem of traffic inside the cities and at the same time be cost-effective. The product comes with various electronics features such as GPS, alcohol detection system, accidental alert system, etc., which will help reduce accidents while driving. An integrated pedal-assist driving mode will give a feel of riding a bicycle without much effort. The health monitoring system will tell the driver to switch from electric mode to only pedal mode.

The MVP (minimum viable product) has been developed and successfully tested in Heat Engine Lab under the guidance of Dr. Jitendra Narayan Gangwar Sir, Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, MNNIT Allahabad. The innovation is different from the current existing business of electric bike rental in different cities in terms of the business competition. There are various electric bike renting start-ups spread across the country. We have decided to start our business from our home-state due to lesser competition here and a large number of college students and working-class professionals. Our product offers a ride of two persons on a single bike for the price of one which makes it quite affordable for everyone. We also offer unique rental services of two persons rides on a single rental, with a cost that is very affordable.


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    Saurabh Singh
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    Neeraj Balani (Production and Industrial Engineering at MNNIT Allahabad, India)
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    Saurabh Singh (Mechanical Engineering at MNNIT Allahabad, India)
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    The need for an Alternative Source of Energy and Continuously depleting Natural resources has made us think of some way to Improve Transportation to make the Future clean and Green.
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