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Whether it’s electrical energy from the grid, wind, photovoltaic or hydro, the only way to guarantee energy delivery when it's needed is Storage. Thermal energy is the most useful form of energy. When stored in its pure ‘thermal’ form, especially as heat, it has the highest energy density possible and can be stored longer, as proven by 4.5 billion years of the energy stored in the Earth’s core. Our energy storage imitates the planet Earth. Over one thousand degrees with refractory layers, a molten metal core stores millions of watts of thermal energy. We plan to manufacture two sizes, one the size of a large hot water tank, which will deliver up to 5Kw electrical and 8 kW thermal for 30 hours for residential, and a commercial unit of up to 25 kW electrical and 40 kW thermal for 24 hours.

Apart of charging the system with offpeak electricity from the grid, we also have a thermal solar trough of 14 sq meters that will be enough to generate the thermal energy needed to charge these units.

Extreme testing and average reflectance of over 95% of the visible spectrum add a substrate reflective mirror that reflects 99% of the infrared spectrum, providing full-spectrum reflectance-this facilities solar collection 24/7.

We use a combination of reflective films, either as a substrate of primary aluminum or silver-based mirrors. The pervasive infrared is reflected by our substrate back to the receptor and is not lost as heat to the atmosphere. Solar collectors collect UV-IR wavelength making 24/7 solar a reality.

We add our multilayered receptor, which absorbs solar radiation from shortwave to over 6000 um, has a unique light trap which limits radiation reflecting into the atmosphere, and a solid-state thermal transfer system which transfers collected energy a better than 2000 w/m2 to storage or where it is needed. Our trough captures more than 5 times energy than PV, as per a study done in Japan.


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