Battery Savers

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A patented device that attaches to any battery or device and results in utilizing all of the power left in a dead battery. We have proven prototypes for flashlights to smoke detectors to medical devices. It has the ability to dramatically lower the waste accumulated from dead batteries. It is very inexpensive, costing pennies and can be adapted for cell phones and any device using a battery or batteries. It has the ability to utilize the approximately 20% of life left in "dead batteries" which results in cost savings to individuals, corporations, military, etc.


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    Lawrence Udell
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    Andrew Miller, Norman Smith, ky Good, Mitch Kirschner, Bill Seidel
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    As a team with multiple experience we saw the huge potential of positively affecting innumerable devices to last longer and provide additional usage and potential safety. Especially with the capability of designing the technology to meet the needs.
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