Green Grubs Incubator

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I. Description
The world population continues to grow steadily. In 2050, the United Nations expects the world population to reach 9.7 billion people. Therefore, achieving global food security is necessary. In today’s world, fish and meat consumption is still of enormous importance.

The Green Grubs solution is an incubator for ‘black soldier larvae’ that transform organic waste into the alternative protein source.

Our maggot breeding box perfectly supports the life cycle of the maggot with its innovative technology. The user merely has to come into contact with the maggots and the maggots are optimally supported in their growth. One only has to load the box with new organic waste every few days and remove the maggots in the prepupae state.

The larvae used by Green Grubs are resource saving for two reasons.

On the one hand, it can use almost any type of organic waste as a source of food. Hence, it quite significantly dispenses with external energy sources; those are replaced by waste that is generated at any rate.

On the other hand, it has a relatively high turnover. Once the box has been set in motion, a continuous cycle sets in, allowing e.g., up to 10 chickens to be supplied with protein feed from now on.

II. Materials for building a GreenGrubs insect incubator

1 x euro box
1x 365mm x 305mm x 12mm thick wooden board
1x wooden strip length: 361mm
1x wooden strip length: 365mm
2x head rails length: 365mm
1x skirting board length: 358mm
1x plexiglass pane 353mm x 361mm x 5mm
1x plexiglass 192mm x 361mm x 5mm
12x ramp sleeves / screw-in nuts M4 (8x8mm)
12x plastic nuts
Foam rubber to isolate the lid (width 30mm for upper and width 20mm for lower strips)
1x plastic base plate 350mm x 356mm
1x mosquito net
1x plastic tube (diameter 8mm)

It is important to mention that some materials, such as the wooden partition, are replaced by plastic parts to prevent mold.


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    Olga Shevchenko
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    Team members:
    We are a team of 8 students attending the Goethe-University in Frankfurt. Our team is international and consists of students and young professionals who strive to achieve success in sustainable business.
    Niklas is one of the project leaders and studies ‘Business & Economics at Goethe University. Presently, he is developing an optimized a new prototype. In any case, the examination of the biological processes is the most difficult challenge, we face. But by putting a lot of time and our effort into the acquisition of the necessary knowledge, we can overcome this weakness. In addition, he is working on finding a social workshop as a producer for the new incubator with Nicolai, Leon, Alexej...
    Leon is one of the project leaders and he studies Business & Economics at Goethe University. Currently, Leon is developing the market strategy for Green Grubs and coordinates the communication with partners.
    Olga is a part of our team since October 2019. She possesses a Bachelor's Degree in International Financial Relations back in Moscow. Currently, she studies ‘International Management’ at Goethe Univerisity, Frankfurt. In our team, Olga is doing statistical and market research.
    Nina joined the team in the fall of 2020. She received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics from Goethe University and is currently studying Business Administration with focus on finance. Nina (together with Giang) is responsible for marketing of the product.
    Giang is from Vietnam and she was also recruited into the team in the fall of 2020. She is currently an undergraduate student at Goethe Univeristy with the major of Business Administration and Economics.With her knowledge, experience and passion in marketing, she is working on promoting the images and products of Greengrubs as well as raising public awareness of environment-related problems with Nina .
    Ihor is a part of our team since Mai 2020. He is from Ukraine and studing Business & Economics at Goethe University. He dealt in particular with the participation in competitions and the possibility of crowdfunding.
    Nicolai joined the team in October 2020 and studies Business & Economics in his final Bachelor-year at Goethe Universit,. At Green Grubs, he is mainly responsible for evaluating and contacting possible production partners, e.g. social workshops for disabled people we want to cooperate with.
    Alexej joined the team in October 2020 and studies Business & Economics at Goethe University. The focus of his efforts lie in contacting engineers to get professional feed-back and to increase the pace in which the prototype is brought to conclusion. In additon to that he reaches out to similar projects to build relationships and profit from each others visibilty and experience.
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  • Olga is inspired by:
    Soy and fish meal are often used as breeding agents, the environmentally damaging effects of which we try to counter with our project of the student initiative “Green Grubs” with an alternative that is not only self-sustaining but also more sustainable for the planet.
    More specifically, we are currently developing an incubator that will make larvae breeding child's play and accessible to everyone, with the aim of making the breeding material supply cheaper and, above all, greener, from domestic to large animal breeding.
    However, in the first test phase, due to our limited knowledge of the design of a product, we achieved sobering results, which is why we very much hope to be able to equip ourselves with advice from more experienced people in the second attempt.
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