Wealth Generator

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A Wealth Generator is an arrangement of graphics cards that have been arranged to perform cryptocurrency mining.

This Wealth Generator mines Ethereum (ETH) but can be used to mine other Cryptos as well. It is a computer to which I connect several graphic cards to use them as mining accelerators. Each graphic card acts as a mining node offering significant power.

Due to their ease of assembly and low maintenance, Wealth Generators are highly versatile. For example, if a Wealth Generator is mining Ethereum and Ethereum is no longer viable, you can use it to mine some other cryptocurrency simply by changing the mining program and directing it to another cryptocurrency.

Considering that the initial investment is a write off and that the value of crypto currencies is on the rise, the ROI is achievable in a 6 month period or less.

After that you only have to consider the cost of electricity which is also a write off (cost of doing business). You are now making money while you sleep.

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    Federico Schiavio
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