New HOPE - Power Generation & Water

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New HOPE is an abbreviation for New Heights Of Physics & Energy, it is an innovative concept for power generation and fluid transfer. The system is a mechanical device designed to harness gravitational and centripetal or centrifugal forces with minimal input from an external source. For example, input can be an electric motor, hydro, wind, biofuels, solar panels and so on. The external source of input initiates the primary mover (rotating mass), the ball depicted in the picture above, the reaction of the rotating mass activates the gravitational, centripetal and or centrifugal forces. As the velocity of the rotating mass is increased, the centrifugal force is amplified exponentially.

Initiation of New HOPE can be with many alternative inputs as mentioned above. The energy extrapolated from New HOPE is applicable for almost any application(s). The extrapolated energy can be determined as desired, i.e., electrical or mechanical output from New HOPE. To operate New HOPE in a perfect harmony is to loop the system. This will be possible with one of the following examples. A prop shaft with an impeller is connected to New HOPE; the impeller is driven by the water flowing down stream. New HOPE can pump the water back upstream with greater efficiency than required to drive it in the first instance.

Hence, we have New Heights Of Physics & Energy, the most emphatic and efficient power generation/ fluid transfer system ever conceived in the history of mankind, a monumental evolution in mechanical design and function.

Test 1 - How and why New HOPE achieves efficiencies that are inconceivable for science and scientists, physics in particular. New HOPE is NOT violating the laws of physics, because some elements of the energy available and harnessed are not mentioned or included in the equations. The rotating mass is initiated with an electrical input, causing changes in and around the conditions of the oscillating disc, resulting in a downward slope, permitting the mass to accelerate under the influence of gravity and momentum. Once the inertia within New HOPE is overcome, the momentum of the rotating mass continues to generate drag greater than the input; compelling evidence of the above mentioned is highlighted in the measurements taken with a calibrated Zes Zimmer precision power analyzer. The most accurate/precision power analyzer we witnessed amongst ten other analyzers.

A total of five prototypes were constructed with various tracks and parameters to establish the most optimum configurations possible with the limited resources we had available. Included are the charts of four tests illustrating simultaneous input and output from New HOPE with a Zes Zimmer precision power analyzer, it was calibrated before and after the tests. 

Test 2 - Scalability of New HOPE is tremendously vast, from a few Kilowatts to a few Megawatts output at this stage. Theoretical assumptions and calculations for the very large system have not been compiled or considered because some components need to be designed especially for New HOPE that are suitable for the load bearing capacity.



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    The clean water and energy crisis the world is facing will be resolved with New Hope
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