Automated Disposal System (Smart Dustbin)

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Monitoring of waste is one of the problems of the present era as the traditional way of manually monitoring the waste is a cumbersome process. The process utilizes much human effort, time and resources which can easily be reduced to a significant level with the introduction of an automated disposal system. This work thus presents the design and development of a smart bin garbage monitoring system by measuring the garbage level in real time and makes notification where necessary via text message and LED indication.

The proposed system consists of ultrasonic sensor which measures the garbage level, an atmega328 microcontroller that controls the system operation. Hardware components were bread-boarded, soldered and various components (sub-units) put in case to form the system. The sub-units were galvanized and put to work using C++ programming language with Arduino IDE. The smart dustbin design was tested with garbage at different levels and the LED indication and SMS feedback were found to be successfully functioning.


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    Shuaibu Bukar
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    Now days, in most Nigerian cities, there are many dust bins which are in bad conditions. The garbage in a dust bin are all overflowed and also spelled out of the dust bins. Many people are throwing garbage on those bins which are already full or overflowed. Due to the unclean garbage bins, bad smell is created and also toxic and unhygienic gases which are bad for the environment are produced. This creates a very bad look of the city which is a way to support to the air pollution and to some harmful diseases which are easily spreadable.
    It can also be seen in the markets or public places that most dustbins are manually operated and it requires basic monitoring the dust bin every day to confirm that weather occupied or not. So, that dustbin is not user –friendly system.
    Other problems that can be seen are many people are not interested to the use of dustbin for littering because they are not interesting to come near the dustbin. So this project can attract the attention of people to the use of dustbin because it is very easy to use and the system tries to resolve the problems associated with the current system.
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