POD MOD / Power On Demand MODule

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The POD MOD is already a reality.

It's design has already received US Patent 5,146,395 / Sept. 8th 1992 / A POWER SUPPLY INCLUDING TWO TANK CIRCUITS. The power unit was developed from the writings, works, and researches of Nicola Tesla; mainly Tesla's Patent 464,666.

The power unit design has been updated to PCB construction status for powering the following:

  1. Indivudual homes and larger commercial sites by connecting multiple units for commercial sites of all sizes.
  2. Each power unit are designed to be used as a stand alone unit, requiring only a voltage input of 18 VDC from 2 - 9 VDC batteries, connected in series.
    Once the unit is started, the battery power is automatically shut off.
    After start-up: the unit can continuely generate 100% designed output power until it is turned off.
  3. The unit(s) is / are capable of supplying continuous electric power to a retrofitted electric motor(s) drive for all existing vehicles, and all new vehicles; that move on land, on and under the seas; all forms of aircraft, both private and commercial sized including aircraft powered by hi-bypass jet engines.
    This means that the internal combustion engine, as a source of polluting motive power; can be replaced with clean, continuous electric power for an unlimited range of travel per vehicle.
  4. The unit(s) is / are capable of supplying continuous electric power to any large power generation stations plus all water paowered dam sites by being rack mounted within teh Turbind Halls of the site.
    This allows the existing generator(s) and heat / water generation source(s) to be turned off; but still allowing for the power station to continue supplying electricity to the connected power grid and it's customer base.
    This also allows for all associated existing jobs to be continued.
  5. The unit can supply continuous electric power to all existing and future forms of desalination sites for producing potable water from sea water for human consumption.
    These sites can also be retrofittd into ocean going tankers and container ships for "portable" desalination where needed for human consumption; or supplying potable water for inland agriculture; with the water being supplied to interior sites via existing and new pipe lines.
  6. The now deceased former head of Alternative Energy Research at the NASA Lewis Research Center stated that the unit would be perfect for an Argon / Ion Space Drive Engine: which he felt could shorten the time required for the proposed trips to Mars from 6 months to less than 6 weeks due to it's ability to maintain power generation for the entire flight duration,including turning the ship around for slowing down after passing the half way point.

The unit has taken 40+ years to develop and presently is in Beta testing. It should be ready for production within the year.


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    Richard L Mckie
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    Researcher / Designer
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    I Found Nicola Tesla's work while first being assigned to attend the US Navy Class "A" Electronics School and then was assigned to attend the Class "A" Radar School, from which which I graduated.
    That led to experiments which proved that "over-unity" power generation was, in fact; possible using Tesla based / patented technology -- which has evolved into the POD MOD and it's power units.
    The Patent Office, plus both the DOD and DOE; accepted the US Patent application and it's 16 claims, which were granted in 1 year from it's submission date; with no requests for any changes and / or retractions.
    Believe what you want -- it passed and the technology now exists.
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