FUSION™ Solar-powered LED

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Our solar technology (a Distributed Generation) is gaining traction in the United States, and I believe it’s a worthy entry. We truly have a credible value proposition, and it’s an easy, efficient, and simple process to combine Solar FUSION™ during an LED Lighting upgrade. In fact, with the Solar Investment Tax Credit (26%), the incremental costs of including FUSION (solar panels, controls, wiring) is essentially offset by gaining the solar ITC on the whole LED project (LED Fixtures & Labor).

Please spend a few minutes to watch the YouTube video which demonstrates our solar technology in “real time” with visible meters. This provides a simple visual understanding of the value proposition.
FUSION™ Visual Demo ~ May 12, 2021

Fusion system overview:

The Fusion system from Energy Bank has three main components: the PV solar panels, the controller cabinet and the DC only Fusion luminaires. The PV panels provide DC power directly to the DC Fusion luminaires. Those luminaires provide supplemental light in the area they are located in.

The controller cabinet has three main functions. The first function is to provide a disconnect for the PV panels. The second is to meter the current generated by the solar panels. The third is to provide a 0-10 volt dimming signal to the AC only fixtures that are in the area that is part of the Fusion system.

The system functions like the daylight harvesting concept. The AC fixtures are dimmed as light is provided to the area from the DC Fusion luminaires. As more power is generated from the PV solar panels, the Fusion luminaires provide more light to the area and the AC only fixtures are dimmed accordingly. The controller measures the current from the PV panels four to five times a second. The dimming signal to the AC fixtures is sent out according to those current levels.

The customer establishes their lighting levels in the area using a Bluetooth app. The Controller will maintain those lighting levels as the output from the Fusion luminaires change throughout the day by fluctuating the dimming levels of the AC only fixtures.

The Fusion system has no interconnection with the AC grid. The system has no inverters and no batteries. The power generated from the panels is fed directly to the Fusion luminaires. The PV solar panels are not used to replace or displace any AC power. The combination of the PV solar panels and the Fusion luminaires provide the lighting in the area that windows normally would in a traditional daylight harvesting scenario.

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