Odor Free Compost Can

The "Odor free compost can" will prevent bad odor from compost and will save people from unhygienic atmosphere. It will be easy to use and will produce good quality manure.

Many of us do not prepare compost just because we think that it will smell bad while decomposition by microorganisms. To prevent bad odor it requires turning at least one time in a week so that air can mix with it and its pH can return to an acceptable range. But for many of us this is not an easy task.

If we use this odor free compost can to prepare compost in our houses, offices, shops etc, we will be able to prevent bad odor as well as it will also increase the quality of our manure.

This compost can, will have an iron alloy built adjustable fan which will be connected to a motor. Whenever we want to provide air to compost or to turn the waste materials, we only have to press the switch. Besides providing air to compost, it will have an odor preventing film all over its interior part. This film will be manufactured from specially built air transparent fabric and some odor preventing materials such as charcoal, ion exchange resin, zeolites, poly acrylates etc. We will try to mix some amount of zeolites in waste materials for preparing compost by a box with sprinkler system available on top of internal structure. This will improve the quality of manure and help in growth of plants.

This odor free compost can will be an important step in the field of sustainable development. By using this can everyone will be able to prepare compost from biodegradable waste materials without any type of difficulty.

We can easily manufacture this can using already built mechanical fan, necessary chemicals (as mentioned above), special type of fiber and a plastic made box. A bit of electronics materials and skill will also be used apart from these equipments.

From basic calculation, we found that there is no huge difference between the costs of normal compost can already available in market and this odor free compost can built to prevent bad odor and improve the quality of manure and can save our time also. Besides as we know this can will solve the main problem of composting, this may have a good marketability.


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    Sanskriti Kumari
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    I want to be an efficient engineer and in my opinion, one should not remember any thing but should try to understand the thing practically. This odor free compost can which is designed by me is inspired by public health and is easy to use.
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