Vriksh-shaped(VS) Infiltrator

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VS infiltrator is an innovative component/module which may be used to increase the infiltration capacity of soil in areas where the infiltration capacity of soil is low or low permeability of the soil. This infiltrator may be made from steel, recycled PVC, or any material which does not have any short-term and long-term effect from placing inside the ground and wrapped with geotextile fabric/woven fabric to resist soil particles from entering inside the infiltrator. The design of this component/module is based on the shape of a tree(vriksh) as shown in the figure below. This infiltrator consist of;

  • Perforated Trunk (1)
  • Perforated Branches (2)
  • Perforated Joiner box (3)
  • Perforated Roots (4)
  • Woven fiber/geotextile fabric (5)

NOTE: - Fig. 1.1 shows the x-section of the VS infiltrator


  • Variksh-type infiltrators may be replenished rainwater precipitation easily during a medium or heavy rainfall event.
  • This infiltrator reduce the intensity of flood in rivers.
  • The design of this infiltrator gives a boost to increase the retention capacity of soak pits, low permeable soil, and other permeable surfaces.
  • This infiltrator may be reduced runoff time at the time of precipitation.
  • The VS infiltrator increases the infiltration capacity of the soil.
  • This infiltrator maybe reduces water logging in roads, parking area, etc


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    Ankush Sharma
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    Open innovation product developer and engineer
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    NATURE. nature has to inspire us in so many ways. we have a deep curiosity about nature's sustainability and we want to see the earth and its environment as god has been created for us.
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