Solar Cells

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Perovskite photovoltaic technologies have opened new horizons for low-cost solar cells. To leverage laboratory-scale cells to modules, challenges in creating scalable fabrications, improving the high device yield, and extending the operational lifetimes need to be carefully addressed. Here, we introduce sulfolane in the perovskite precursor that can address the above-mentioned challenges. With the new precursor, a high-quality perovskite layer covering a large area can be fabricated via a simple dip method. As a result, we demonstrate two mini modules, 15.84 cm2 active area, and 36.6 cm2 active area, and achieve record PCE of 17.58% and 16.06%, respectively. More importantly, the mini modules’ operational lifetimes are greatly extended: they retained about 90% of the initial performance under constant illumination for 250 h at 50°C. Our method provides a promising solution for upscaling perovskite photovoltaics with a high yield and a long lifetime for module production.

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    Wanyi Nie
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    Hsinhan Tsai, Hsin-Hsiang Huang, Leeyih Wang, Wanyi Nie
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