Wave-Generator Powerhouse

Electricity is considered non-renewable energy due to its production by means of coal plants and thermal plants.Therefore, it has to be sustained by humans. But I have a conceptual idea for producing electricity through means of converting wave form of energy to electric energy.

Where I designed a powerhouse at a coastal environment that converts three forms of wave energy to electrical energy ie, sea wave motion is converted to rotary motion that generates current in the AC generator attached, asolar panel in the powerhouse converts the solar wave to current in day time and as the environment is considered as coastal area the wind wave or the wind blown is converted into electrical energy by means of rotation of the blades of effective design of a windmill I have designed.

As the powerhouse renews or rejuvenates the electrical energy periodically the stored electricity can be supplied to powerstation and further to cities and places of current requirement.

As this powerhouse has the capacity of producing and using its own current ,the excess amount could be transferred to powerstation units.

When this powerhouse that i designed is built in mass number , the dependancy of coal plants and thermal plants for energy production can be lowered. And as the coal plants and thermal plants pollutes a lot to the environment by leaving carbon footprints and poisonous gases while producing a single unit, this makes the earth hazardous and sustainability is deprived.

But creating more number of Wave-Generator Powerhouse plants, it can increase the sustainability and is harmless to the environment. It also follows the all in one rule by efficient and effective usage of space and working conversion units in a single powerhouse plant.

Therefore on conclusion, adopting my conceptual idea of the Wave-Generator Powerhouse in real time will create a huge impact of alternative way of producing electricity and leading the sustainable development is positive impact.



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    Aadithya Pandian S P
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    As i m basically an innovative thinker ,ideator and an engineering student , i like to challenge and solve the problems that i face in day to day life.
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