City BC and City AC

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Title suggests cities before Corona (BC) and after Corona (AC). This virus spread all over the world and every country is affected. But corona taught us something and we needs to change our lifestyle in totality. Most of the cities at present spreading and growing without any planning and destroying nearby agricultural /forest areas by construction works and hence not allowing rain water to percolate deeper under the land. As a result underground water is disappearing. Corona taught us importance of basic needs for survival, i.e food, water and shelter. In Corona times during the lockdown period large queues and crowd has been seen every where outside the mall / market for purchase of food items but no queue to buy a smart phone, computer and or other electronics items. Basic needs are most important for human survival and not such electronics gadgets. Present cities are facing lot of air pollution due to very near to city industrial zones, huge traffic , water pollution etc. Moreover they are dependent of other smaller cities, villages and even neighboring countries for food and agriculture.

Now, this is the time we must think for future cities design as illustrated below.

Cities after corona (AC) must be planned in such a way that they should have their own resources of food, agriculture and water. Each city must be surrounded by the following,

  1. Agricultural zone
  2. Rain water harvesting mechanism
  3. Horticulture farm land
  4. Solar energy/ wind energy power plants
  5. Forest lands (oxygen land)

All the cities to be restricted within fixed area with limited number of houses. No expansion to be permitted beyond restricted area. Any expansion leads to acquire more agricultural land and leads to deforestation. If city area is limited we may not require personal car or motor bike to move around. Only solar or battery powered transport can be made available for the people by the local government bodies. Distance between the two cities to be fixed like 50 km etc. All the industrial establishments, offices and workplaces to be constructed far away from the cities with provision of in-campus accommodation for workers. This would reduce city air pollution as no transport between city and work place is provided.

All other basic needs such as food, water, shelter and vegetables are locally available around the city, people can directly buy food and vegetables from agricultural areas. Moreover, rainwater harvesting will provide good irrigation for agriculture as well as water for everyday use for each house. This will avoid use of very long water pipelines to carry water from huge dam to the city as it is done in present cities. This is the time we must think to change our present life style and stay with nature. Nature is the future, you know.

It is certain that each one of us is made up of five basic elements. If these elements are available surrounding the city that would be the most ideal place to stay, like UTOPIA.


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